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15% off total bill for Amara Singapore (Tanjong Pagar) guests

1. This promotion will run from 15th October 2018 to 15th January 2019.

2. The 15% discount is offered to all hotel guests with a valid guest card, which must be presented before payment.

3. This discount is applicable for the total bill for food and drinks ordered at Jigger & Pony, for a maximum of 6 guests in a single party. 

4. This discount cannot be applied in conjunction with any other promotions, including happy hour deals, and cannot be applied on festive occasions, including but not limited to eves of Public Holidays.

5. Qualifying for this promotion does not guarantee a space in the venue. Please check and reserve ahead, in case of doubt.

凡Amara Singapore (Tanjong Pagar) 房客消费即享专属85折优惠

1. 优惠活动期间:2018年10月15日起至2019年1月15日止。

2. 本85折优惠适用全体房客,房客须於结帐前主动出示有效房卡方可享有本优惠。

3. 本优惠适用宾客於Jigger & Pony酒吧总计消费金额,含食物与酒水项目。惟仅限於当次消费人数为六人以下之团体。

4. 本优惠恕不得与其他优惠活动并用如 Happy Hour 优惠等;并排除於特殊节日使用之权利如国定假日前夕等。

5. 得享本优惠资格不等同席次保证。如欲前往消费请事先洽询酒吧确认订位。